Zarda Recipe

Recipe of Zarda

Most of the people use Zarda rice as one of the favorite dishes in South Asia, especially in Pakistan and India. The name of this kind of recipe of zarda derives from the sort of rice, it is served in Pakistan. Another advantage of using this type of method is that it could prepare using yellow or red and green colors.

Another advantage of using this Zarda recipe in Urdu and English is that it can be cooked in different ways quickly, and it tastes according to the taste of the person. It is served after the meal and has another name of the Meethe Chawal ki recipe. This rice recipe is used mostly in Punjab and Sindh.

Zarda Banane Ki Recipe is made using rice, sugar desi ghee, khoya, and dried fruits necessary to create the perfect dish. This method can be found in western countries as well, but in Pakistan and India, this technique is entirely unknown. Khoya, a form of dried milk, is mixed at the end, which provides a distinctive flavor in the Meethe Chawal Banane ki recipe. So you must try our authentic recipe and enjoy it.

Zarda recipe


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