Gulab Jamun Recipe

Recipe of Gulab Jamun

The gulab jamun is derived from the name of a hot Indian dish, and you can try a fantastic recipe of gulab jamun. The name of this delicious dessert comes from the words “Gulab,” meaning a bowl and “Jamun,” meaning a circle in a heart. This delicious recipe of gulab jamun in Urdu and English has now gained a lot of popularity in India, Pakistan and many other countries.

For people who love sweet and don’t know the gulab jaman recipe, they would prepare this dish by following every step of this recipe without facing any problem. These days, even restaurants and hotels have been offering this delicious sweetmeat to their customers.

The ingredients used in the recipe should be needed very well. The combination of these ingredients creates a very delicious sweet taste that is beyond imagination. The gulab jaman recipe in urdu is made using either fresh khoya or powdered milk. Both parts can be used depending on the taste that you prefer.

 However, if you have wanted to have the best gulab jamun ki recipe, then go ahead and try your level best.

Gulab Jaman


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