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Nandita Das explains why Kapil Sharma was chosen for Zwigito

Yesterday in Mumbai, Kapil Sharma and Nandita Das hosted an event to introduce the Zwigito trailer. The challenges that a food delivery agent endures on a daily basis are the focus of the movie. In the movie, Shahana Goswami plays Kapil’s wife.

Zwigito Zwigito Zwigito

At the screening for the trailer, Kapil explained why Nandita chose him for the role. The actor-comedian revealed, “I asked her, ‘Why me?’ I didn’t know whether to take her answer as a compliment or an insult. She replied, ‘Even if global star Shah Rukh Khan would have agreed to do the film, I’d have not taken him, but chosen you because you have such a common face, it can fit anywhere in a crowd.'”

With this one, Kapil departs from his comedic persona. He admitted that he could identify with his character at the screening for the trailer.“I used to work at Coca-Cola. We all do small jobs here and there when we first come to Mumbai. The product was transported in trucks. There were no apps back then. But, when Nandita ma’am came to me and told me what all difficulties delivery guys face, I could relate to that story a lot,” he expressed.

Zwigito Zwigito Zwigito

Gul Panag and Sayani Gupta are also featured in the movie. At the Toronto International Film Festival, the movie received its global debut. It will be available on March 17.

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