Chane Ka Pulao

Chane Ka Pulao

2 Cardamom
2 Bay leaf
3 Clove
3 Cinnamon stick
3 Whole black pepper
2 kg Basmati RIce
100 gm Kabuli chana
1/2 tsp White cumin
3 tbsp Clarified Butter
3 tbsp Onion Fried
to taste Salt.


How To Make Kabuli Chana Pulao


Soak 100 grams Kabuli channa for 5 to 6 hours and boil. Soak 2 kg rice for half an hour and put on flame.

Then add chick peas, 2 tbsp clarified butter, 1/4 tsp white cumin, 1 bay leaf, few whole black peppers, 1 cardamom, few cinnamon sticks and few cloves and stir well.

Add water as required and cook until water dries up. You delicious Kabuli Chana Pulao is ready to serve

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