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Rice Recipe In Urdu

Wide range of rice recipes in Urdu & English of Pakistani version

 Rice dishes are healthy, nutritious and full of flavour. Some of these rice recipes in Urdu and English languages include Biryani, Yakhni Pulao, Chicken Pulao, Beef Pulao, Mutton Pulao, Afghani Mutton Biryani, Sindhi Chicken Biryani, Vegetable Rice recipes, Tehari recipes, Kofta Pulao recipe and a lot more. The rice recipe in Urdu and English languages is prepared with either brown or white rice. While rice is the most common food in many areas,  there are many other dishes which use it.

A popular dish, Biryani, is served in most restaurants in Pakistan and India. It is a spicy dish and is served with raita, salad and Shami kabab. It is a dish that originates in the town of Mughal Nawabs, and which is associated with the famous Mughal Emperors. It is not only accessible in Pakistan but has spread all over the continent and western countries as well.

The best Chawal recipe in Urdu & English :

People love to consume rice as a main course. There are various ways to cook rice with different flavours. Rice lovers distinctively like to have them in their meal. All simple rice recipe in Urdu and English languages are available. Cooking is an art, and a perfect recipe leads you towards the right way to cook perfectly and get the lips smacking taste from your meal. Try all the above methods and be perfect at making your meal.