Mutton Kaleji

Recipe of Kaleji

One of the most popular Pakistani dishes is Mutton Kaleji. The dish is made from the mutton and it  is prepared in the typical style of North Pakistan cuisine. While making it, we must keep in mind the ingredients that are used in this dish. In order to make perfect mutton kaleji recipe in Urdu, you have to follow the tips and advice given below.

 Second step is to cut the mutton kaleji into small pieces. This can be done by using the sharp knife and it must be done very carefully. These pieces must then be cleaned properly and soaked in water for some hours. After that, these pieces are to be ground and then finally blended.

 Thirdly, all the ingredients should be washed very well. They are cut into very small pieces so that no particle of them is left. They are washed very well and then ground again with the mortar and pestle. So, these ingredients can be used in the recipe of kaleji. 

Fourthly, make sure that the ground mixture gets mixed with the water. This has to be done very gently. And, at the same time, blend this mush mixture very well with the green chillies. Finally, make use of a blender and pour this mixture in the pan so that the mixture is covered with the mesh. 

Fifthly, you have to remember to cook the recipe of  kaleji in a proper way. Cook it in indirect heat. Also, make sure that the green chillies are not overcooked. Cook the dish and serve it hot. Lastly, you can also check out the recipe of kaleji online on the web for more details. 

These days, there are many online sites that allow you to make your own recipe of kaleji. Just visit such sites and follow the simple recipe of kaleji. Include the spices of your choice and make sure that the green chillies are cooked thoroughly. In addition to this, you can also make use of the garam masala to make your dish delicious.

 You can also find various types of recipe of kaleji on the internet. If you search through the net, you will find that there are hundreds of recipes of kaleji available for your perusal. But, it is very important to select the right recipe. Make sure that it has the required ingredients so that the green chilies get cooked thoroughly inside the dish. 

Last but not the least, choose the recipe of green chilies that suits your choice and taste. For instance, you can make a delicious curd based recipe of kaleji if you are looking for a healthy option. Moreover, green chilies are rich in their vitamin A, C and E which make them perfect for your daily diet. So, make use of these wonderful Indian recipes to prepare delicious dishes of green chilies.


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