Mutton Roast Ran Recipe in Urdu

Mutton Roast Ran Recipe in Urdu

Mutton ran roast is the most famous traditional food in northern areas and the subcontinent. It is prepared with goat meat, leg piece or thigh meat by steaming and baking with a blend of traditional spices, making it a supreme delicacy. Another way can also be used to make this by boiling and then frying. Mutton is an excellent source of iron and zinc, which are required in our body to make red blood cells. A person suffering from iron deficiency can consume mutton, or red meat, to overcome it. 

you can find Mutton Kofta

Mutton raan roast is quickly cooked without hassle if followed by the proper recipe, tips, and tricks. Our Chef Mutton Roast Ran Recipe in Urdu and English will provide you with complete guidance; even a non-experienced person will prepare it perfectly like a pro!

mutton roast ran recipe in urdu


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