Mutton Paya Recipe

Mutton Paya Recipe

Mutton payas or mutton meat is a very famous dish in Urdu cuisine. The recipe dates back to the 15th century. It has been enjoyed by people from all sections of society and it is liked by everyone. It is scrumptious, easy to prepare, delicious and it makes everybody happy. Here are some key points that you should know about mutton paya recipe in Urdu.Firstly, mutton paya recipe in Urdu basically stew made up of mutton meat. There are many varieties of recipes that are available. Basically they include chicken, beef, pork, chicken pieces and goat legs. This dish is liked by people from all age groups and for this reason, it has been created as one of the main dishes in every meal.

Secondly, when it comes to preparing mutton paya recipe in Urdu, you have to prepare it according to the different type of recipes. There are chicken-based recipes and there are chicken and beef based recipes. The chicken based recipes include chicken kabobs and chicken liver and the beef based recipes include beef kebabs. So, before you prepare this delicious dish, you need to prepare it according to the type of recipes that you want to prepare.

Thirdly, you need to use the best quality ingredients to prepare this traditional recipe. When we talk about the quality of ingredients, you need to mention pork and beef fat. These ingredients are the traditional ingredients in every recipe. In fact, these ingredients are very helpful in making this mutton paya recipe in Urdu. If you want to add more flavor to this dish, then you can also try to use mutton meat.

Fourthly, when it comes to preparing mutton paya recipe in Urdu, you need to prepare the ingredients in a traditional recipe style. You have to start by cooking the beef and pork and add them to the pot. Then, you should add the chicken pieces along with the other ingredients. You have to let the mixture cook for some time so that all the ingredients mix well with each other. When the mixture becomes brown and you can see that the beef and pork mix well with each other, you can now add the mutton to the pot.

Fifthly, you need to add salt to the mixture. Salt is actually the main ingredient in this traditional recipe. It actually brings the dish a bit salty flavor. If you want to prepare this dish right in your kitchen, then you can cut the coriander leaves and grind it to make it into a fine powder. Then, you should sprinkle this powdered salt over the meat and mix it completely. You should do this for three times before adding the beef and pork mixture to the pot.

Sixthly, you should know that mutton paya is a healthy food that you can eat as a main dish or a side dish. This is a type of dish that you can prepare while sitting at your home. It is best to prepare it when you have spare time. If you are having it in the night, then you might have to make it late because it needs to be cooked fast. However, if you wanted to prepare this meal on a regular basis, then you can just prepare one serving at a time.

The seventh and last tip that you should remember is to prepare the meat and other ingredients in large quantities. In order to make mutton paya recipe more delicious, you should make the mutton using large quantity of onions. It is because the smaller onions give a light flavor to the beef while the larger onions give an intense taste. So, if you want to make this delicious recipe, you should always use the larger onions to ensure that you will get the desired result from this recipe.


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