Mutton Do Pyaza Recipe in Urdu

Mutton Do Pyaza Recipe in Urdu

Mutton do pyaza is a classic Indian and Pakistani dish that features mutton (goat meat) cooked with onions. It is believed to have originated in Hyderabad, although there are many regional variations. The dish’s name comes from the fact that it has two types of onions – one cooked with the meat and another fried and added as a garnish. The dish is typically spiced with garam masala and other Indian spices and is often served with rice or naan bread. Anyone who loves curry will relish mutton do pyaza! It is a delicious and hearty dish!

So here you can try our Mutton Do Pyaza Recipe in Urdu and English, available for beginners to create a delicious meal like a pro without facing any hassle.

mutton do pyaza recipe in urdu


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