Zinger Shawarma Recipe

Zinger Shawarma Recipe

Zinger Shawarma Recipe is a recipe that can be cooked anywhere! Hopefully, you’re going to delight in an ideal Zinger Shawarma recipe in Urdu

Shawarma is one of the easiest and simplest Middle Eastern recipe. Pakistani very eagerly eat Shawarma Recipe Pakistani and frequently visit restaurants to get its taste. Chicken shawarma is an exceptional dish from Arabic cuisine that is favourited not just in the Middle Eastern countries but also in Pakistan, India, and different individual regions of the world. 

Tahini sauce is the essential part of it and very easy to make. Prepare  tahini sauce with this recipe and you can also save it in the fridge for 2-3 days. It is possible also to put some hot sauce and whatever else you like. In this shawarma, chicken pieces are fried separately as zinger pieces, and they are assembled in regular shawarma with sauce and hot sauce which is effortless to make.

Zinger Shawarma


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