Pokora Recipe

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Pakora Recipe

These Pakora Recipe prepare in 30 minutes with easily available ingredients. It is a typical appetizer of Pakistan cuisine, Pakora recipe in English is delicious.

I love Indian food, in fact it is one of my favorites. I have been to many Indian restaurants in various countries (Spain, UK, Germany, and Southeast Asia).

But I am looking forward to traveling to Pakistan to try it there. What I like the most, apart from its flavor, is that it is very easy to find vegan dishes.

Almost every time I go to a Pakistan restaurant, I ask for Pakora Recipe in Urdu, which are vegetables battered in a chickpea flour mixture that is then fried.

They are usually eat Aloo Pakora recipe as an appetizer, although if you want, you can also take them as a main dish.

Pakora Recipe


This recipe is quite simple, and we have prepared it with ingredients that are easy to get, also, instead of frying the Pakora Recipe, we have cooked them on the grill with less oil. Surprisingly they look a lot like the ones I have tried in Indian restaurants, despite not being fried.

Although they can be taken alone, they are richer accompanied by some sauce.

In general, they usually served with some chutney, but you can use other sauces such as ketchup. Aloo Pakora recipe loves our green chutney, which is also very easy to prepare.

Pakora Recipe


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