Chicken Samosa

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Chicken Samosa Recipe in Urdu

Are you finding Chicken Samosa recipe in urdu? Do you Know the history of Samosa?  

Originally called samosa, historical accounts also refer to samosa as sanbusak, sanbusaq, or even sanbusaj, all derived from the Persian word, sabotage.From Libya to Hindustan, the triangle filled with different foods has gained immense popularity.In South Asia, it was always introduced by chefs from the Middle East during the Hindustan Sultanate, although some historical lines mutual traders for bringing samosa to this part of the around the world.

Ibn Batuta, a medieval Moroccan traveler who visited India in the 14th century, recounted the brilliant banquets that used to be served at the court of Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

According to their stories, a CHICKEN SAMOSA RECIPE IN URDU called sambusak was placed on the guests’ plates just after eating dessert.

Recipe of samosa


Hello students! Today we bring you an exceptional CHICKEN SAMOSA RECIPE IN URDU. Samosas are an appetizer recipe typical of traditional Asian cuisine.

The original recipe is a vegetarian dish made up of dumplings filled with potatoes, peas, and other spices.

We propose you the carnivorous version, replacing the potato and the peas with chicken meat.

Get ready for a CHICKEN SAMOSA RECIPE IN URDU that will make you enjoy a different way of chicken dumplings!

Chicken Samosa


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