Chicken Bread Patties

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Chicken Bread Patties

Delicious Chicken bread patties. These pies help out well when you need to feed a lot of people. There are a large number of them – enough for everyone.

Bread with chicken according to this recipe can be prepared in advance and then just warm up at lunchtime.

Thanks to the Chicken Bread Patties Recipe, the pies do not stale for a long time, even if they not store in the refrigerator.

They can be served with homemade sour cream or tomato juice – also very tasty.

Why Is It Good to eat Chicken Bread Patties Recipe?

Healthy eating is essential to protect health and prevent disease.

Chicken meat is part of it, with the necessary nutrients for the growth, development, and functioning of our body.

High Protein Content of Excellent Quality

Incorporating proteins every day is essential for everyone, and they require in greater quantity during the stages in which their requirements increase: children, adolescents, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, as well as in people who do sports.

Low-Calorie Recipe

By presenting easy removal of most of its fats, it is a meat with low-calorie content.

In particular, the breast is the muscle tissue found in the highest proportion in chicken and is one of the leanest cuts of meat on the market.

The predominance of Healthy Fats

The Chicken Bread Patties Recipe present in chicken with bread help protect heart health.

Among them is chicken with bread, a type of essential fat that is not manufactured by the body. Therefore it is necessary to incorporate it through the foods that contain it.

Wide Variety of Vitamins and Minerals

Among the vitamins are those of the B complex, necessary to carry out essential functions in the body, and minerals such as iron.

This helps transport oxygen to all cells, essential for the proper functioning of the brain and physical performance; phosphorus, which is part of the bones and teeth, and zinc are necessary for the body’s growth and defense processes.

TO EAT Chicken Bread Patties

  • Very nutritious. It provides high-quality protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Very rich. It has a unique combination of texture and flavor that make this meat widely accepted.
  • It is easy to prepare, once cooked it can consume in hot or cold dishes.
  • The whole family eats with one chicken. Its giblets allow you to accompany a second meal, and with its casing, you can make both common and defatted poultry broths.
  • A huge variety of foods can be made and supports various combinations of food and condiments.
  • It is a meat that is ideal for incorporating it among the first foods for complementing breast milk from 6 months of age.
  • Traceable Through the packaging, we identify the entire aging process.
  • The production process maintains the benefits of this food from the farm to the gondola.
  • Produced with the highest quality standards. Always available in all gondolas every day of the year.
  • Traditional recipe. It is part of our eating habits and typical flavors that are our own.
Chicken Bread Patties


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