Channa Chaat

Channa Chaat Recipe in urdu

When we see the word “Channa chaat” we soon associate it with “Garam Masala” due to the popularity of this combination of spices. This word comes to mean “mixture”. Therefore, depending on the type of mixture we prepare, it will receive a particular name followed by “masala”. At Chaat Masala – Spice Mix, we will talk about a combination that uses especially to season our dishes as a final touch.

Chana chaat stands out for being, for the most part, very lean, low in fat, and with a high protein load. Given its benefits, experts assure that more and more athletes include it in their diet.

We tell you the fundamental characteristics of some of these meats in case you have the opportunity to choose them in a restaurant or even Channa chaat recipe in Urdu them:

Channa Chaat Recipe In Urdu

Chaat Masala does not need to cook; this mixture is delicious sprinkled once the Channa chaat recipe Urdu finish. When we use such a combination on a simple plate, the result becomes exotic.

We can buy this mixture in Indian food stores. The great advantage of buying ready-made mixtures is that we can enjoy delicious and spicy dishes, without having to fill our cabinets with spices, as well as, allow us to recreate dishes of Indian cuisine with great ease.

Traditionally, the Recipe of channa chaat is snack-type dishes to eat on the street or with your fingers, without the need to use cutlery.

So they are generally served without sauce, let’s say that they are types of well-seasoned chips and fries.

Tips For Channa Chaat Recipe Urdu

Chickpea vegetarian recipe from India. It is a very spicy preparation, quick and easy to prepare. We can take it as an accompaniment, garnish, or starter in our meals.

A serving of Chana Chaat would give us the equivalent of half an envelope of sugar.

On oven-roasted vegetables. If you like roasting vegetables in the oven, try sprinkling a little of this mixture on top once they cook!

I usually roast them smeared with olive oil and a little salt, finally when I take them out of the oven, I sprinkle them with Channa chaat recipe in Urdu and… the magic occurs! Try on any vegetables such as pumpkin, cauliflower, onion, leek, aborigines, and zucchini.

In the vegetable chips. Whether you make the chips fried or in the oven, season with chaat masala and enjoy! The carrot, kale, squash, and beet chips are fantastic with the chaat masala.

In the stir-fries. I think it works especially well for vegetable stir-fries. We will sauté the vegetables over a fire for a few minutes without stopping stirring and, once ready, add the spice mixture sprinkled on top.

As a seasoning for salads, it is also delicious. We can use oil and spices.

The Aloo channa chaat recipe, when carrying the Aloo channa chaat recipe, already has a particular acidity; therefore, we can do without adding vinegar or lemon, but if desired, it is also perfect for this dressing.

channa chaat


Ingredients for chana chat:

Chickpeas boiled ½ kg

Potatoes 4 to 5 boiled and cut in small squares (medium sized)

Onions 2 medium sized finely chopped

Tomato 1 chopped

Capsicum 1 chopped and boiled

Green chilies 4 to 5 finely chopped

Green Coriander 2 tbsp

Mint 2 tbsp

Imli for Sauce

Green Sauce ½ cup (optional)

Salt as required

Chopped Red Chilies 2 tsp

Cumin (zera) Powder 1 ½ tsp

Black pepper powder ½ tsp

Chaat Masala 3 tbsp

Lemon juice 3 tbsp


Imli Sauce:

Dip imli in half cup of Luke warm water for 20 minutes. Then mash imli in water using fingers. Separate seeds and your thick imli sauce is ready.

Assembling of chana chaat:

  1. Take a bowl and add boiled chickpeas, boiled potatoes, onions, tomato, green capsicum, green chilies, green coriander, Mint, Imli sauce, and all spices in it. Mix it well.
  2. Delicious Chana Chat is ready.
  3. Serve it with green sauce.

چنا چیٹ کے لئے اجزاء:
مرچ ابل ½ کلوگرام
آلو 4 سے 5 ابلے ہوئے اور چھوٹے چوکوں میں کاٹ (درمیانے درجے کے)
پیاز 2 درمیانے سائز کے باریک کٹے
ٹماٹر 1 کٹا ہوا
کیپسیکم 1 کٹی اور ابلی ہوئی
ہری مرچ 4 سے 5 باریک کٹی
ہرا دھنیا 2 چمچ
ٹکسال 2 عدد
املی برائے چٹنی
گرین ساس ½ کپ (اختیاری)
ضرورت کے مطابق نمک
کٹی ہوئی سرخ مرچ 2 عدد
جیرا (زیرہ) پاؤڈر 1 ½ عدد
کالی مرچ پاؤڈر ½ عدد
چاٹ مسالہ 3 چمچ
لیموں کا رس 3 چمچ
طریقہ کار:
املی ساس:
لیمک گرم پانی میں آدھا کپ 20 منٹ تک ڈوبیں۔ پھر انگلیوں کا استعمال کرکے املی کو پانی میں ڈالیں۔ بیج الگ کریں اور آپ کی موٹی املی ساس تیار ہے۔
چنا چاٹ جمع کرنا:
1. ایک کٹورا لیں اور اس میں ابلے ہوئے چنے ، ابلے ہوئے آلو ، پیاز ، ٹماٹر ، ہری مرچ ، ہری مرچ ، ہرا دھنیا ، پودینہ ، املی کی چٹنی اور تمام مصالحے ڈالیں۔ اسے اچھی طرح مکس کریں۔
2. مزیدار چانا چیٹ تیار ہے۔
3. اس کو گرین چٹنی کے ساتھ پیش کریں۔


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