BBQ Recipe

BBQ Recipe in Urdu

Barbeque is the tastier item that is admired by food lovers. (BBQ) bbq recipe in Urdu and English is prepared in all the provinces. Meat used in this recipe could be replaced with mutton or beef.

In chicken barbecue recipe in Urdu, meat is marinated for several hours so that the spices may get well absorbed in it, and pieces are skewed on iron rods and roasted on the fire. When cooked meat is the tender, the succulent and delicious aroma of this bbq tempts you.

This delicious barbecue recipe in Urdu is served in restaurants, get-togethers or bbq parties are specially organized at home.

Our authentic bbq recipes in Urdu and English will help you make the sizzling bbq at home without confusion. Marinating chicken is the most significant part of this recipe.

Barbecue (BBQ) Recipes are the very best beloved recipes of men and women in Pakistan, India, and other nations. The Chicken Recipes are the simplest to make within a brief time. BBQ cooking demands some distinctive cooking utensils which are dedicatedly made for it. Food is considered to be an essential part of our culture. So if you’re planning to delight in a bbq meal, do not neglect to follow this chicken bbq recipe in Urdu and English.

Chicken BBQ


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