Chicken Corn Soup

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Chicken and Sweetcorn Recipe

Winter is arriving, and if you are finding winter’s special Chinese Chicken Corn Soup recipe? Or you want to find Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup recipe? 

Well, here you can find the authentic easy Chicken Corn Soup recipe that is served in restaurants and loved by all food lovers. 

Chicken corn soup is a remarkable cuisine that is served almost in every restaurant, and roadside stalls of soup are in winter in numerous regions of different countries. Chicken Corn Soup recipe Pakistani is named after its ingredients because chicken and corn play a vital role in this recipe. The soup is prepared with chicken stock, and boiled chicken is shredded and mixed in the soup. Here the term stock means the water in which chicken is cooked, leaving behind its extract, which makes the soup more healthy and nutritious. Corn is another significant ingredient because it gives incredible colour and flavour in the soup. Here the word corn means “sweet corn,” the hybridized type of maize, cultivated domestically over 10,000 years ago in southern Mexico. 

According to the nutritional point of view, chicken corn soup ingredients keep the high nutritional value as it is also recommended to patients or weak persons by doctors to attain better recovery. 

The last step of soup preparation is the mixing of the beaten egg as we all know the egg is considered to be the healthiest diet because it contains minerals, proteins, vitamins D, B2, B6, and B12. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol. People facing cholesterol problems must consult their doctor. Try chicken corn soup recipe in Urdu and English.

Chicken Chowmein


  • chicken (with bones) half kg
  •  liter water 1 ½   
  •  Carrot 1 small chopped
  • Salt as required
  •  chicken stock 3 cups
  • chicken powder 2 tbsp
  • white pepper powder  1tsp
  •  Red chili sauce 2 tbsp
  • sweet corn paste 4 tbsp
  •  corn flour 200gm
  • Eggs  2
  • Soya sauce 4tbsp
  • Vinegar 3tbsp



Take chicken (with bones), water, chopped carrot, salt in a pot and cook them for 40 minutes (chicken stock is ready).

Take out the boiled chicken from this stock and shred the chicken and leave the bones, add this shredded chicken, salt, chicken powder, white pepper powder, red chili sauce, sweet corn paste, soya sauce and vinegar in the prepared stock and boil it.

 Mix corn flour in little amount of water and make a thick paste.

 Now pour the mixture of corn flour gradually.

 Delectable chicken corn soup is ready to serve.

• مرغی (ہڈیوں کے ساتھ) آدھا کلو
• لیٹر پانی 1 ½
• گاجر 1 چھوٹی کٹی
• ضرورت کے مطابق نمک
• چکن اسٹاک 3 کپ
• چکن پاؤڈر 2 چمچ
 سفید کالی مرچ پاؤڈر 1
• سرخ مرچ کی چٹنی 2 چمچ
• میٹھی مکئی کا پیسٹ 4 چمچ
• مکئی کا آٹا 200 گرام
 انڈے 2
• سویا چٹنی 4 چمچ
 سرکہ 3 چمچ

طریقہ کار:
چکن (ہڈیوں کے ساتھ) ، پانی ، کٹی ہوئی گاجر ، نمک کو ایک برتن میں لیں اور 40 منٹ تک پکائیں (مرغی کا اسٹاک تیار ہے)۔
ابلی ہوئی مرغی کو اس اسٹاک سے نکالیں اور مرغی کو کٹے اور ہڈیاں چھوڑ دیں ، اس کٹے ہوئے مرغی ، نمک ، چکن پاؤڈر ، سفید مرچ پاؤڈر ، سرخ مرچ کی چٹنی ، میٹھی کارن کا پیسٹ ، سویا ساس اور سرکہ تیار اسٹاک میں ڈال کر ابال لیں۔ .
تھوڑی مقدار میں پانی میں مکئی کا آٹا مکس کریں اور گھنے پیسٹ بنائیں۔
اب مکئی کے آٹے کا مرکب آہستہ آہستہ ڈالیں۔
قابل انتخاب چکن کارن سوپ خدمت کے لئے تیار ہے۔