channa chaat

Channa Chaat

Channa Chaat Recipe in urdu When we see the word “Channa chaat” we soon associate it with “Garam Masala” due to the popularity of this

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beef nihari

Beef Nihari Recipe

Beef Nihari Recipe Beef Nihari recipe is one of the traditional food that is prepared on every occasion and mostly served in breakfast, lunch or

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beef chilli dry

Beef Chilli Dry Recipe

Beef Chilli Dry Beef chilli dry recipe is one of the most succulent meals. This could be categorized in Chinese as well as Pakistani meal.

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Chinese Recipes In Urdu & English

Most of the traditional Chinese Food recipes easy and simple are now available in the form of online cookery books. The Chinese Food recipes in Urdu and English are easy to find and accessible in a variety of different flavours. The main difference between Chinese food recipes and Pakistani recipes is of spices. Pakistani food consists of all spices, while Chinese food mainly depends on only black pepper. It is usually served as part of the daily meal, or it could be served for special occasions. These recipes can be made easy and quick to prepare, by following the instructions,  as the method is written in both languages.


The main reason for the increase in the popularity of Chinese recipes in Urdu and English is that people in the present world are not as adventurous as they used to be and most of them prefer to cook for themselves rather than go out to eat.  Most of the traditional Chinese food recipes in Urdu are prepared in the kitchen and serve the food as a part of the daily meal. Thus, by learning a few Chinese food recipes in Urdu, one can have an easy time preparing his or her favourite Chinese dishes.

Asians, Indians or Pakistanis find Chinese Banane ki recipe so that they may achieve required taste. The Pakistani version of Chinese food has a distinctive taste and flavour.  In China, you would never find those dishes which are trending here like, chicken Manchurian, egg fried rice, chicken drumsticks, corn soup, fish crackers, etc. Their typical taste, ingredients, recipes and menu card is entirely different from Pakistani Chinese food.

Find Chinese Banane ka Tarika in this page and enjoy a scrumptious meal with lips smacking taste.