Chicken White Karahi Recipe

Recipe of Chicken White Karahi

Secret Shortcuts to Recipe of Chicken White Karahi That Only the Experts Know


Dishes made from chicken are all around the world. It is quite a typical dish since it is so quick to prepare. Because of this, it’s a significant beginner dish.

You’re able to use any portion of the chicken; in reality, Chicken Karahi is prepared by cutting an entire chicken. The marinated chicken is subsequently cooked together with the sautéed mixture and finally cooked alongside yoghurt. This recipe is an easy and super delicious curry made out of chicken, cream not to mention coriander to garnish in the long run.

In White Karahi recipe in Urdu and English, the sauce becomes thick add more Cream to help it become thinner.

How to Find Authentic White Chicken Recipe of Pakistani Version

There is an immense collection of chicken recipes. Now there are a lot of alternatives, and we are in the balance which to select. If preparing the specific dish that you genuinely do not have to forfeit preference. It shares a good deal of similarities with the wok, even though it has steeper edges.

The flavour of each dish differs. You can’t cook the spices for over a minute to stop it from getting burned. Nobody likes overly spicy and oily food, and that which you have right now appears to be working well. It’s very tasty and delicious, especially for those who like to eat low spicy foods. Sub continent’s cuisine also has a whole lot of chicken recipes.

Whispered White Chicken Karahi Secrets

The secret is in the technique. However, it is not complicated whatsoever. It’ll be easy and quick if you follow this Chicken White Karahi recipe. Following the steps below will end in a delicious and mouth-watering Pakistani dish you will crave for often. DON’T add water; it will ruin the flavour. You won’t be disappointed. The steps are few, but you’ve got to go for the next step after the very first and on time, allow me to explain. It’s fantastic for weekends to help save you time or a fast dinner for those times when you’re surprised by a visit from friends and family.

You will discover simple conventional means of cooking Chicken White Karahi recipe in Urdu. Easy to make, from ingredients you might already have at home, and it has an amazing warm colour that makes it seem extremely tempting.

Chicken White Karahi


  • Chicken: half kg
  • Crushed Onions: 1 cup
  • Salt: as required
  • Green Chili (Crushed): 10-15 pcs
  • Ginger Garlic: 1 tbsp
  • Yogurt: half cup
  • Fresh Cream: half cup
  • Oil: half cup
  • Crushed White Chili: 1 tbsp



1: Take oil and chicken in a saucepan and fry until it gets golden brown. 2: Put fried chicken in another bowl. Now fry separately crushed onions in the same oil until it is changed into golden brown color.


3: After onions turn golden brown, add ginger paste and garlic paste and roast for 2 to 3 minutes. Now add crushed green chilies and cook it for 3 minutes.


4: Now add fried chicken, salt and cook well for about 10 to 15 minutes on low flame. Add yogurt and fresh cream mix it well and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes. When yogurt liquid is dried, then cover the pan and cook it on low flame. When oil starts appearing; add crushed white chili and then cook on steam for 2 minute.


Delicious chicken white karahi is ready to serve with naan or bread.

ick چکن: آدھا کلو
• پسے ہوئے پیاز: 1 کپ
• نمک: جیسا کہ ضرورت ہو
• گرین مرچ (پسے ہوئے): 10-15 پی سیز
• ادرک لہسن: 1 چمچ
• دہی: آدھا کپ
. تازہ کریم: آدھا کپ
. تیل: آدھا کپ
• پسے ہوئے سفید مرچ: 1 چمچ

طریقہ کار:
1: تیل اور مرغی کو کدو میں ڈالیں اور بھونیں یہاں تک کہ یہ سنہری براؤن ہوجائے۔ 2: تلی ہوئی چکن کو ایک اور پیالے میں ڈالیں۔ اب اسی تیل میں پسا ہوا پیاز الگ الگ بھونیں جب تک کہ اسے سنہری بھوری رنگ میں تبدیل نہ کرلیں۔

3: پیاز گولڈن براؤن ہونے کے بعد ادرک کا پیسٹ اور لہسن کا پیسٹ ڈال کر 2 سے 3 منٹ تک بھونیں۔ اب پسی ہوئی ہری مرچ ڈالیں اور 3 منٹ تک پکائیں۔

4: اب تلی ہوئی مرغی ، نمک ڈالیں اور ہلکی آنچ پر 10 سے 15 منٹ تک اچھی طرح پکائیں۔ اس میں دہی اور تازہ کریم شامل کریں اور اسے اچھی طرح سے مکس کرلیں اور اسے 10 سے 15 منٹ تک پکائیں۔ جب دہی کا مائع خشک ہوجائے تو ، پین کو ڈھانپیں اور ہلکی آنچ پر پکائیں۔ جب تیل ظاہر ہونا شروع ہوتا ہے۔ پسا ہوا سفید مرچ ڈالیں اور پھر 2 منٹ تک بھاپ پر پکائیں۔

مزیدار مرغی کی سفید کاراہی نان یا روٹی کے ساتھ پیش کرنے کے لئے تیار ہے۔