Chicken Tikka Recipe

Recipe of Chicken Tikka

Recipe of Chicken Tikka is the most demanding recipe of our present age. This recipe has a remarkable taste when barbecued or baked. So ensure you read this if you wish to make the best chicken tikka masala recipe. Chicken tikka, also named as tikka boti is an incredibly succulent piece of meat that possesses the excellent aroma of coal and flavour in it Tandoori-style Chicken Tikka Boti recipe in Urdu is among the most well-known dishes on earth. Mostly people like to serve their guests with this delectable dish in parties or weddings. This Chicken Tikka Recipe in Urdu and English version makes an extremely super quality of tikka. It could also be made on a barbecue or even in a hot oven. In this recipe, you can replace Chicken with mutton or beef. The most important part of this recipe is the way that how you marinate Chicken and which spices you chose for this. After marination, place the Chicken on iron rods. Turn the skewers so that it gets cooked evenly all around. Cook for about 15-20 minutes, until it is done. It is then added, and it is also fried for around 5 mins. Overcooked Chicken can ruin these kinds of dishes. The secret to tikka preparation is excellent marination, and very importantly, the grade of Chicken used. Making your food at home without store-bought sauces might seem daunting, but in practice, it is a ton more straightforward than it sounds. Why go out when you can ensure it is better at home!

Are you finding how to make Chicken Tikka at home?

 Well, here are a lot of solutions. The fundamental part of it is marination and use of spices in the right amount. If these two steps are performed carefully, then no one can stop you from achieving the delicacy of this meal. In keeping view today’s demand, we are providing you simple Chicken Tikka recipe without oven. So make these recipes at home and enjoy the taste of exorbitant restaurants at home.

Chicken Tikka


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