Chicken Karahi Recipe

Recipe of Chicken Karahi

Chicken is known as the worldwide meat, as a result of the universal acceptance Recipe of Chicken Karahi is one of the most mouth-watering meals. It is served in lunch as well as in dinner with naan or bread. It is prepared with chicken and is known because of its traditional significance from the Indian subcontinent.

Here, the word karahi means a utensil resembling Chinese wok. This recipe is prepared and served in a wok. It is arduous to find an authentic Kadai Chicken recipe of Pakistani version. Some have included onions, while others have included capsicums.

If you are thinking about how to make Chicken Karahi, we have a perfect solution for your problem by providing you with an authentic Lahori Chicken Karahi recipe in Urdu and English. The key is in the procedure. However, it’s in fact, isn’t complex at all. It is going to be fast and straightforward if you take a good look at the incremental process of the recipe. Following the steps below will end in a delicious and mouth-watering Pakistani dish you will crave often. In this recipe, the chicken could be replaced with mutton or beef. It is prepared in tomato sauce and spices, while onions are excluded. Simple to create, from ingredients you might already have in the home, and it has a beautiful warm shade that makes it seem extremely tempting. You may observe that at the recipe card that there isn’t any mention of incorporating water another liquid to produce the gravy. So enjoy our delectable Chicken Karahi recipe in English.  Its preparation duration is 45 to 60 minutes.

Chicken Karahi


Chicken: 1kg

Cooking Oil: 10tbsp

Garlic & Ginger paste: 1tbsp

Red chili powder: 3tsp

White cumin powder: 2tbsp

Garam masala powder: 1tbsp

Black pepper powder: 1tsp

Lemon juice: 4 tbsp

Yogurt: 8tbsp

Tomatoes: half kg


Take a wok and add chicken and oil in it. Cover and cook it on low flame for 10 minutes.

Then add ginger, garlic and all spices and cook on low flame for 25 minutes. (Stir spoon after each 5 minutes so that food may not stuck to the wok and get burn)

Take grinded tomatoes and 4 tbsp oil in segregate pot and cook on low flame till the water dry from it and it becomes in the form of paste.

Then add this tomato paste, lemon and yogurt in chicken pot and cook it on flame for 15 mins.

Delicious chicken karahi is ready. Serve in the wok , with bread.

چکن: 1 کلو
باورچی خانے سے متعلق تیل: 10 چمچ
لہسن اور ادرک پیسٹ: 1 چمچ
سرخ مرچ پاؤڈر: 3tsp
سفید زیرہ پاؤڈر: 2 چمچ
گرم مسالہ پاؤڈر: 1 چمچ
کالی مرچ پاؤڈر: 1tsp
لیموں کا رس: 4 چمچ
دہی: 8 چمچ
ٹماٹر: آدھا کلو
طریقہ کار:
ایک اونٹ لیں اور اس میں چکن اور تیل ڈالیں۔ اسے 10 منٹ تک ہلکی آنچ پر ڈھانپ کر پکائیں۔
اس کے بعد ادرک ، لہسن اور تمام مصالحے ڈالیں اور 25 منٹ تک ہلکی آنچ پر پکائیں۔ (ہر 5 منٹ کے بعد چمچ ہلائیں تاکہ کھانا اونچ سے نہ پڑے اور جل جائے)
پیسے ہوئے ٹماٹر اور 4 چمچ کا تیل الگ برتن میں لیں اور ہلکی آنچ پر پکائیں جب تک پانی اس سے خشک نہ ہو اور یہ پیسٹ کی شکل میں ہوجائے۔
اس کے بعد اس ٹماٹر کا پیسٹ ، لیموں اور دہی کو مرغی کے برتن میں ڈالیں اور اسے 15 منٹ تک آگ پر پکائیں۔
مزیدار چکن کراہی تیار ہے۔ روٹی کے ساتھ ،  میں خدمت.


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