Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora Recipe In Urdu

Chicken Pakora recipe in Urdu is the style of preparing chicken smothered in chickpea flour.It is a slightly spicy recipe, very flavored and colorful, and since it can also be eaten cold, it was one of my children’s favorite dishes to take to school in their Chicken Pakora recipe.At home, I usually serve it with a little coriander and a peppermint chutney or yogurt with cumin.

Chicken Pakora Recipe in Urdu


Recipe of chicken Pakora is a chickpea flour-based batter very popular as a snack in North Indian cuisine.

It is a recipe suitable for celiac and can be used to introduce legumes among the little ones in the house. It is a very simple recipe that can personalize in many ways.

One of my most successful Indian recipes is the various cheese Pakora, my fusion Pakora.

 They can use from the halloumi that normally cooks, cheeses that melt like mozzarella or provolone, or even less frequent ones like Fontana, brie, camembert, blue cheese…

Recipe of chicken Pakora is to put those that are creamier in the freezer for a few minutes to prevent them from melting too quickly in contact with the hot oil.

Recipe of Chicken Pakora


Pakora is a traditional recipe of Pakistan that consists of frying vegetables overflowing with chickpea flour.

It can also make with chicken and many different kinds of vegetables, such as onion, spinach, aborigines, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, and many more.

It is a perfect option for vegetarians since there is no need to incorporate any animal origin ingredient.

As is the custom in Indian cuisine, it has plenty of seasoning, especially coriander and some pepper.

The Chicken Pakora recipe in Urdu can also eat on a plate and by hand, accompanied by a bittersweet sauce to the taste of the cook and his diners.

They can serve as input or as the main course if accompanies with abundant white rice. Let’s look at the recipe for Pakora Potatoes, which is the same for any other ingredient.

I learned the Chicken Pakora recipe in Urdu that I not done with the whole Pakora thing. Once I find something I Felt like, I have to obsess for a while. It is how I always am.

I hope you are slowly changing your mind for those of you always said that who say you don’t like Pakistan food.

These little chicken nuggets are tender and delicious. Set the hot peppers aside and serve them with tomato sauce or ranch dressing if you are feeding children.

And I always knows swear that the chicken Pakora alone is reason always enough to try them; you may never always go back to normal recipes for fried foods again.

Chicken Pakora with spicy plum sauce is entirely different from the green sauce the other day, yet it’s just as intense and beautiful.

This is more of the classic thick, sweet, and spicy sauce you’re probably used to.

Recipe of chicken Pakora with chilies add a touch of spice, fruity sweetness of plums, and a bit of vinegar and limes.

Chicken Pakora


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