Chicken Handi Recipe

Chicken Handi Recipe In Urdu

Secrets of Chicken Handi Recipe in Urdu and English:

Traditional cuisine, chicken handi is one of the most delectable meals. Handi is used for cooking the Chicken Boneless Handi recipe, which is a deep and open-mouthed cooking vessel. While serving, this recipe can also be served in a handi. The delectable chicken handi is prepared with chicken meat, or the meat could be replaced with beef or mutton according to your taste. The recipe of chicken handi is considered among the most mouthwatering meals. The enticing aroma of the Pakistani Chicken Handi recipe is incredible. It is served in dinner in addition to dinner with naan or bread. It’s prepared with chicken and is popularly famous because of its traditional value from the Indian subcontinent. Choosing the right spices in the right amount is a challenging task; otherwise, the whole effort would be ruined.

IT is delicious as it is first marinated then fried separately. Then this fried chicken is semi-cooked in gravy, which is prepared individually. Chicken Boneless Handi Recipe in Urdu and English will help you to accomplish the desired successful results. 

Chicken Handi recipe in urdu


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