Marble Cake

Marble Cake

Recipe For Marble Cake Recipe for Marble Cake is considered to be the most easily made dessert and sweet. It is a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake which is…

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Semolina Cake

Recipe of Semolina Cake Recipe of semolina cake is unique and tastiest sweet dish. It’s made with a blend of semolina and flour. This cake is super amazing and mostly…

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Biscuit Cake

Recipe Of Biscuit Cake Finding the Recipe of Biscuit Cake? This oreo biscuit cake is actually a cake that is baked from the oreo biscuits. This is a mouth-watering and…

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Oreo Mug Cake

Oreo Mug Cake Recipe Oreo mug cake Recipe is basically a cake that is prepared in microwave oven. This cake is for chocolate cake lovers who can’t wait for an…

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Naan Khatai

Recipe of Naan Khatai Naan khatai recipe is the most delicious recipe.  Naan khatai ia basically a type of biscuits that are prepared with a combination of all-purpose flour (maida)…

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Zarda Recipe

Zarda Recipe

Recipe of Zarda Most of the people use Zarda rice as one of the favorite dishes in South Asia, especially in Pakistan and India. The name of this kind of…

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Suji ka Halwa Recipe
suji ka halwa

Suji ka Halwa Recipe

Suji ka Halwa ki Recipe Suji ka halwa ki recipe is a unique and tasty sweet dish which originates from Bengal and Kerala. It has been around for ages and is…

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Mango Ice cream Recipe
Mango Ice cream

Mango Ice cream Recipe

Mango Ice Cream Recipe Mango ice cream recipe is not that difficult to find.  The mangoes are known for their sweet and sour taste and a perfect match for ice…

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Gulab Jamun Recipe
Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Recipe of Gulab Jamun The gulab jamun is derived from the name of a hot Indian dish, and you can try a fantastic recipe of gulab jamun. The name of…

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