Paya Recipe In Urdu

Paya Recipe In Urdu

Paya Recipe in Urdu

As the weather changes, so does the choice of food, in which the trend towards hot food increases. By the way, it is found in most homes and eaten as breakfast on Sundays. Everyone has their own way of making pies, some people keep the broth thin, some keep it thick.

But today we have brought you such a recipe of Chef Asad, which will make it so delicious that whoever eats it will not be able to stop praising you. Along with this, some things will also be added which will increase its taste.

. Cow legs
. Ginger garlic paste
. Salt to taste
. Turmeric one spoon
. Water (well enough to submerge your feet)
After washing and flouring the rice well, put it in a pan or cooker with all these ingredients and leave it to rot. When the pan is cooked, remove it from the stove and keep it separately along with its water.
To make the Gravy:
. Skewer the desiccated coconut (grated) on top
. Fried onions 2 pcs
. A cup of yogurt
. Some cashews and almonds
. Sauteed chickpeas in 3 tbsp
. Roasted coriander 3 tbsp
. Red chilli powder four spoons
. Hot spices half spoon

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Grind all these ingredients in a mixer grinder to make a paste and keep aside.

Now heat oil in a pot and add cinnamon and bay leaves to it, add the ground paste and stir with the help of a spoon until the coconut is roasted, then add red chillies and fry for five minutes until the spices smell raw. go Now add two cups of coconut water and cook on high flame for a good six to seven minutes then add some green chillies, coriander and mint and cook for ten minutes until the spices leave the oil. Now add ground coriander, hot spices, peas and ice cream to it and cook for another ten minutes. Add water according to the amount of broth you want and cover the lid and let it cook for eight to ten minutes then switch off the stove. Delicious pies are completely ready to eat.

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