Beef Pulao Recipe

Beef Pulao Recipe in Urdu

What is beef pulao recipe, chicken recipe or beef and rice soup? These three recipes are popular in Pakistan and are cooked daily. The beef pulao recipe originated from the region of Pakistani and its neighbor countries. This recipe is prepared using tender beef or lamb and is spiced using a blend of herbs and spices.

A popular way of preparing beef recipe in Urdu is by boiling and frying the meat in a special pot. To learn how to make the best beef recipe in Urdu, you must first know the ingredients. Beef is cooked and then mixed with onions, spices and curry. The mixture is then cooked for about 50 minutes. The reason why Urdu dishes are named ‘pakka’ or ‘turban’ is because of the long preparation time for preparing this meat. It is also Called beef yakhni pulao recipe Pakistani.

This type of meat is not hard to find and is easy to cook with different types of sauces. For instance, you can start with the beef pulao recipe in Urdu with some tomato sauce and then add a teaspoon of green cardamom whole through it. You can continue adding ingredients until your beef gets cooked.

The meat should be cooked completely through without giving you any taste of raw meat. When cooking beef recipe in Urdu, it is essential to use ingredients that are easily available and at the supermarket as well. For example, it would not be good to use chicken that is hard to find as ingredients as it might lose its flavor. In addition, beef that is found in the local supermarket does not necessarily have the tenderness of beef found in the arid regions of Pakistan.

You will also need to add some turmeric powder to the beef pulao recipe in Urdu if you do not have it in the ingredients list above. Turmeric can be easily found at most local supermarkets. Just sprinkle some on your beef when cooking. The spices also give the meat a unique flavor that you cannot find in other cuisines. You could try making beef pulao recipe in Urdu using ground ginger and cloves, or cinnamon and cloves as well.

To make ready made beef pulao, first soak the beef in water for half an hour. Then, you will have to use a food processor or blender to liquefy the beef. Add the spices, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and garlic paste and puree the beef in your blender until it becomes a smooth puree. Then you will have to add water to make it pliable enough to shape into a cooker