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Beef Recipe In Urdu

What is interesting about beef recipes is that there are so many different varieties of beef that there is something for everyone. From beef stew to beef korma, to beef kebabs, to beef koftas, to beef tikka, and of course beef karahi, there are so many ways to make the most of beef dishes. But the most popular of all the meat recipes are beef recipes in Urdu and English versions. If there are three things that the people in Pakistan love the most, it is chicken, mutton and beef. It is a fact that there are chicken kebabs or beef kebabs that are loved in Pakistan. So that means that there is something special about the beef kebabs in Urdu. Beef kebabs are not only one of the most popular recipes, but they are also one of the most straightforward methods that can be made from beef and other ingredients that can be found easily in the kitchen.

All you need to make an easy and delicious meal from beef is to cut up some meat and make sure that you have marinated it well or fried it properly. Usually, Pakistani beef recipes in Urdu version is cooked along with some onions, coriander, tomatoes, turmeric and a blend of spices.  The best part about this easy beef recipes in Urdu and English is that you can serve it with rice as a starter or even as a full meal. You can also add some lemon juice to it for a more tangy taste