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Good day to all our regular friends and those who first visited the site Recipesinurdu.com.We have a large and friendly family, most of whose members are in love with the art of cooking since childhood.I grew up in a house where the cult of food and hospitality reigned. One beautiful sunny day, we  ecided to create a business that would meet our attachments: hospitality and hospitality.

We built recipes for families. The question of preparing food for our guests not even raise – this take for granted.The business has developed very well, and it thrives today. Our guests enjoyed eating the food we cooked and always asked for recipes.We, in turn, were happy to share our secrets. Most often, we asked for a recipe for pancakes, which we serve for breakfast, and we decided to shoot a video for this recipe. Since this, all started! It turned out that cooking and. In the kitchen is interesting, but much more exciting and pleasant to share your experience with other people. How nice it is to receive wonderful comments and feedback from strangers who are becoming dear to us yesterday.

Our Story

The idea of combining all the recipes articles into the site belonged to Rana Muhammad Nadeem. He brought this idea to life by creating a beautiful and convenient site RecipesInUrdu.com and you are smart!The main purpose of the site is to help every hostess not only turn everyday dishes into exquisite dishes, giving them originality and sophistication.But also minimize the stay in the kitchen so that the time saved can be spent next to loved ones and loved ones.The site development team made sure that the user did not have difficulty finding recipes that are placed on the website.For example, lovers of meat dishes will be pleased with thesection “Meat Dishes.” For meat, you need a delicious sauce, the recipe of which can select in the Sauces section, and the light salad from the Salads section will complement the picture.

It often happens that we are late in the morning somewhere, and there is absolutely no time left for preparing dinner, but we don’t want to leave our household members hungry, and even come home after a hard day and stand at the stove. The section “Chinese Recipes” will help in this situation – please the whole family with a meat dish: for example, you can take the “Chicken Manchurian” – this is an easy-to-cook, but delicious dish.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast should be light and nutritious so as not to overload the stomach, but at the same time, saturate the body with the necessary energy for the next day.Cottage cheese, which is rich in many vitamins, but especially a lot of calcium in it, will cope best with this task. If you add dried apricots to the cottage cheese, then iron, pectin, potassium will join the calcium, but nuts are just a scattering of vitamins. By combining these simple ingredients, we nourish the entire body with beneficial substances.Of course, many guessed that this was a recipe for cheesecakes – a healthy and beloved dish of cottage cheese. This dish must be on the table at least twice a week, which will help to avoid many diseases, and the children will grow up cheerful and healthy, what more could loving parents want?The recipe for delicious rosy cheesecakes can found in the “Desserts” section; there are also many other tasty and healthy recipes that are applicable for everyday use and the festive table.

For example, try “Suji Ka Halwa Recipe” – this is a very tasty dish, but there is no need to talk much about the benefits of lingonberries, its benefits are beyond doubt! And an experienced housewife and only exacerbating her life – a young wife, equally want to please her husband with a delicious, satisfying dish on the dining table. For this purpose of the breakfast, where there are many great ideas to please men dear to your heart.But of course, there is Ukrainian borsch, which is rich in many vitamins, and at the same time, it has a lot of meat. The husband will be satisfied. For experienced housewives, we have a surprise! By visiting our RecipesinUrdu.com  you can find not only tasty and healthy recipes but also learn unique recipes. You will find only the best recipes on our website that are easy and quick to prepare. So de can send us your recipe, and we will post it. Only cooks with experience cook for us and tell their recipes. You will find only useful recipes for your health and for the health of your children.

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For cooperation, please contact the address indicated in the “Write to Us” section.If the dish from our site really liked or, conversely, did not make an impression, and you would like to add your corrections to it, then you can leave your comment under the recipe.There is also a feedback form for those who wish to make any suggestions for the development of the site.We love the business we are doing. Rana Muhammad Nadeem has long been home to many people, and our family has become even more significant.And now the site RecipesInUrdu.com brings more and more people to our house.

Each of them carries a particle of heat, so necessary for all of us. And even if this is virtual communication, and let us live in different corners of the planet. Let us not run to each other for a cup of tea and cake – anyway; it’s nice to know that, somewhere in the world, there are soul mates to you.

We wish you pleasant evenings with your loved ones at the rich table with delicious dishes! Write, leave your
wishes, feedback, and recipes to make our work even more effective and useful. AND…We are always welcome your feedback and are open to any cooperation.

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